Student struggles – Feelings about the upcoming January exams


Examinations are the struggle of every student. We may feel a whole range of emotions during the assessment periods and we, usually always, tend to question our preparation (and regret the time spent not studying) but, at the end, we tend to do well or at least ‘not as bad as we thought we did’.

Strangely, I am calm about exams this year. Of course, the pressure and anxiety always increase closer to the examination dates. However, this year, I think, I will be just fine. I am a final year student, after all, I have sat enough exams and completed enough assessments to acquire that calmness. Also, as a final year student, I understand life much better than I did two years ago. University is more than examinations, grades or academic performance – university is just being here, in all the entirety. All the things we do and experience, while at university, is what makes us. So, while we are told to study, read, research, practice and so on, ‘the university’ happens outside the lecture theatres and examination halls.

Examinations are important and they should be taken seriously but, during assessment periods, we forget that there is more to (university) life than desperately preparing, reading and researching specific questions. We may get so focused (or distracted) with university work to the point where we reach a negative state of mind. And, all for what? University teaches us valuable life skills and prepares us for the ‘adult lives’ but the majority (if not all) of these skills are gained outside examination halls and lecture theatres.

I understand, it’s nearly impossible not to worry, panic about and dread the upcoming examinations, but I want to ask you to relax. There are so many things to worry about in our lives and examination worries should be pushed down the line. University is much more than what we can produce in the 2 (or 3) hour exam. So, let’s relax, let’s study in peace and calmness, because, come next semester, we will forget about all the anxiety and pressure we felt… until next semester examinations…

By Aldas Krūminis


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