Label volunteer Megan Eastham spoke with Loughborough student and Under-20 Team GB endurance athlete Megan Harris about her achievements and goals for the upcoming season.

Recently returned from the 2023 World Athletics Cross Country Championships in Australia, Megan Harris is one of Loughborough’s most talented athletes impacting the global stage. 

Harris competed in the 6km race for Under 20’s, working both individually and within a team of four other athlete’s all representing Team GB. 

When questioned on the emotive aspects of reaching such a milestone, Harris remarked that it was “mind-blowing and simply a dream come true” that she was able to grasp such an immense opportunity at such a young age.  

Harris also aimed to highlight the academic pressures that come with studying a degree whilst simultaneously competing halfway around the world.  

Commenting on this, Harris stated that it is imperative student athletes maintain an “exemplary work ethic, stay disciplined and have structure to their schedules”.  

She said: “the original, athletic and sport centred nature of Loughborough allows student athletes to feel connected, alleviating and mediating pressures.” 

Harris also discussed other setbacks that she has faced within her career- most critically the anterior ankle impediment that she suffered last season, depriving her of three months’ worth of training. 

Nevertheless, Harris’ persistence and diligence surpassed her physiological setbacks, as she states her injury allowed her to recover psychologically and “create a good mental base and mindset to return to the following cross-country season”.  

What’s more, Harris mentioned that when combatting setbacks such as injuries and hectic academic endeavours, it’s crucial that she stays consistent and holds meaning behind her actions.  

She said: “a true purpose and solid set of reasons”, allows her to find a true motive behind such a hyperactive lifestyle. Rather inspiringly, Harris went on to remark that she envisions her “younger self and what she pictured for her future.” 

The promising athlete also excitedly revealed that she will be traveling to Portugal for a two week- long training camp in the coming months.  

An event initiated by Loughborough University; Harris stated that “coming to Loughborough has been the extra leap that has allowed me to get to major championships”, with opportunities like making this University so unique in nature. 

Following this, Harris will be competing in the BUCS track season which is scheduled to commence at the end of April, with the next major competition she aims to compete at being the 2023 European Athletics Championship in Jerusalem. 

Optimistically, Harris declared that she feels as though “everything is coming together with track season just around the corner.” 

Looking into the distant future, she revealed that she aims to “stay consistent in relation to performance, medal at the European Championships and remain diligent”. Yet, she also mentioned her focal, long-term goal: “one day I want to make it to the Olympics”.  

Image shows: Megan Harris in a Loughborough AC vest before a cross country race

Edited by – Jasmine Trapnell (Sports Editor)

Designed by – Sarim Mangi (Head of Design)


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