Laura Gray Núñez scoped out some great local coffee shops in Loughborough town; here is a list of her faves!

Loughborough is the perfect small town to go out and have coffee in, whether alone or with friends! Here is a list of some of my favourite cafes in Loughborough that I have found and grown to love. Some famous chains, such as Starbucks (my favourite), are available in Loughborough. However, I find the independent ones here are far better!

The Baobab Cafe

This is one of my favourite cafes, or definitely my most visited. It is located on Market Street next to loc8me, in the centre, which makes it quite accessible. It is African-themed in decoration. I really enjoy it because it has a wide range of good food and a list of speciality drinks such as white hot chocolates. It is great to have some delicious breakfast combinations. I recommend their scrambled egg special and wide variety of smoothies and drinks.

Fifty Three

A notable café near the centre, on Storer Road. I live very near it, which is very convenient for me! They sell great small fudges decorated according to the season we are in! It’s also super cosy. For example, now you will find cute small easter fudges! You can also eat lunch there. The staff is also lovely! It is an excellent small cafe to try out. 

Mazzy’s Turquoise Café

I visit Mazzy’s quite frequently too! It is homely, has great music, and has a very kind owner. They offer delicious coffee, many smoothies and drinks, as well as smoothie bowls and a wide variety of breakfasts with eggs. The mushrooms here are my personal favourite ingredient in their breakfasts. It is special and has a Turkish twist, as the owner is Turkish! 

Olivia’s Cofee Bakery

Another very homely café with a variety of food options. Olivia is the owner’s cat which you can see in the café. All meals are well made and delicious, and there is a broader range of sweet stuff compared to the previously mentioned cafés. It also has a range of homemade bread and is the best bakery in Loughborough. 

Baxter’s Tearoom

Saving the best for last; a family-run tea/coffee shop in Baxter Gate. Especially as an international student, it leaves an impact on you as it is very dollhouse-like, victorian-esque and traditionally British. The decoration is pretty; they have quintessentially British tea cups and cutlery and offer pots of tea to refill! They also have many types of tea which have a very authentic taste. They also have delicious homemade cakes such as coffee and walnut cake, my personal favourite. They were also chosen as the top traveller’s choice in trip advisor in 2022. They organize traditional English tea afternoons to come together with friends as well.

Some honourable mentions are Bom Bom’s patisserie for people with a sweet tooth, as they sell a lot of nice waffles and buns. Another one is A Nice Sip, it is not exactly a cafe which is why it is an honourable mention, but it is the best bubble tea store in Loughborough. The tea is authentic and similar to Hong Kong bubble tea and its delicious bubble waffles. They often offer discounts for students, such as free ice creams as well as Lucky Draws, where you can get the chance to get free teas and food. The staff are also the friendliest staff I have come across in Loughborough. Goodliffes is also more of a restaurant offering coffee and delicious breakfast. It is more of a luxury restaurant with creative and incredibly crafted meals.

Edited By: Caitlin Phillips (Lifestyle editor)

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