Exams are over, and you can get back to doing what you do best… getting feral in the union. But remember when you said you were going to actually attend your lectures this year? Tia gives her tipsy top tips for dodging that nasty hangover!

So imagine, it’s Wednesday night, you’re going out, but you’ve got a 9am tomorrow morning. We all love a night out, but sometimes we must remember there’s ‘uni’ and ‘university’. Here are some tips to have a wild night while trying to avoid waking up vowing never to drink again.

1. Prevention
Make sure you eat dinner before you start drinking. You might think this means a cheap night out because you can get drunk faster, but you don’t want to be the person who can’t make it out of pres because you’ve already been put to bed. Especially when you’ve struggled to secure yourself a hey ewe ticket in the first place. You will be all over Snapchat in the morning, and your friends probably aren’t happy about cleaning up your sick. Have some dinner!

2. Drink water between drinks!
You may not remember this every time, but if you can down a VK, you can down a glass of water before you leave for the club. You’re helping your future self out. Bonus points – fill up your water bottle and leave it next to your bed, so you have a treat for your fragile self in the morning.

3. Pace yourself
After you’ve just done a round of Jager bombs, go for a dance or get some air in JCs… It takes your body one hour to break down one unit of alcohol (which is about a shot), so don’t overdo it too quickly, or you’re asking for a rough morning. It will also help you avoid blacking out so you can remember your night and what you said to your crush in The Treehouse…

4. Try not to mix your drinks.
I know a £6 bottle of wine is tempting at pres. And so is that blue VK when you get to the union. And then, who knows? How many times have you actually been able to say I had X amount of drinks last night? I can’t say I have. It’s harder to keep track of how much you’ve drank if you’re mixing your drinks. Each type of alcohol has a different amount of congeners in them, meaning they’ll all have a different effect on you. So to be nice to yourself, pick your poison chalice that you can stick to throughout the night!

5. Food
Say hi to Papa Si before you stumble home. Or buy some frozen chips and make them yourself! Having something to eat after a night out replenishes your glucose levels after all that boogieing. Or have a classic fry-up in the morning; eggs are especially good for helping hangovers. Borrow one a Lucozade from your gym mate; isotonic drinks help replenish sugar and salt levels. Whatever you eat will make you feel better. We promise!

We all like to let loose at least once a week, but being sick in the union toilets, I assure you, is not a good look.
Know your limits, keep hydrated and have a good time. Now you can make it to that 9am you said you would go to. It will definitely be worth it, I’m sure.

Edited by: Caitlin Phillips (Lifestyle Editor)

Design by: Meg Crowther (Co-head of deign)


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