LSU Rag have won ‘Best Student Fundraising Group of the Year’ at this year’s National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA) Awards.

As well as this incredible achievement, Rag were also shortlisted for the following awards:

Small Budget, Big Impact Award

Faraday Hall Committee of Loughborough University

Faraday were nominated based on that fact that, “as a committee, 19 of them ran and participated in a 24 hour sponsored bike ride to raise a huge £864 for Rainbows Children’s Hospice”. It is clear to see that the Faraday Hall Committee have worked extremely hard raising money for charity.

Congratulations to the Faraday Hall Committee for their nomination! 

Campaign of the Year Award

Loughborough Students’ Rag – Poppy Appeal

The poppy appeal is an annual campaign for LSU Rag in which during the months of October and November, money is raised for the Poppy Appeal. In just under two weeks, the Poppy Appeal campaign raised over £100,000 – a new record for the amount of money raised!

Here is a statement from LSU Rag to celebrate these achievements:

I am over the moon that Loughborough Students’ Rag was shortlisted for three different awards by the National Student Fundraising Association. We are delighted to announce that we were awarded Student Fundraising Group of the Year!

I am incredibly proud of all our volunteers and fundraisers that have been apart of this journey. They have all worked so hard this past year and to be nationally recognised means the world to us. 

From taking over 160 students on raids this year and raising over £100,000 to seeing over 300 people get involved in our Movember campaign ang raising over £22,000, we have loved every minute of it and managed to raise staggering amounts of money for a range of different invaluable charities. – Maz Di Felice, LSU Rags Chair

Despite the past few months amidst the pandemic, it is clear to see that LSU Rag have not only achieved so much as a section but, have had a huge involvement within the university as well as brining the community together. Congratulations to all the volunteers and those who have committed so much of their time and effort to making LSU Rag an amazing section!

A big thank you to LSU Rag for the statement as well as providing information on the nominations.


Header by Chris Leroux.


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