Set to play in front of an audience of 600 on Saturday, I sat down with Matthew Taylor, LSU Darts & Cue Chair to discuss the highly anticipated event.

Fresh from qualifiers, where 6 spaces were up for grabs, LSU Darts & Cue had their best turn out yet for those wanting a chance to play in front of Room 1 on the 15th. 4 players however, could relax as Matthew explains that, “4 of us had already qualified, myself, our darts captain, the winner from last year Kishan has too and the person who won our society league last year Ed Sandars.” 10 players are therefore preparing themselves for this infamous evening but Matthew himself is not feeling nervous or under any pressure to perform. “This will be my first time on stage and I’m quite excited because I’m a pool player myself, I’m under absolutely no pressure…the people playing against me have all the pressure.”

With only 3 players never taken the stage before, Room 1 will be met by some experienced competitors, but Matthew isn’t sure if anyone will crack due to nerves in front of the big audience. He says, “it will be interesting, 600 tickets sold in around 10 days…there’s obviously a lot of hype around it.”

LSU Darts & Cue are facing more competitions this year in Darts, Pool and Snooker, with big BUCS competitions happening at the end of March. The ‘Big Weekend of University Darts’ is where all the universities in Britain compete and Matthew is a bit more hopeful for this upcoming year as he says that his, “first year was shocking, last year was a lot better, so rate of progress suggests I should do a lot better this year.” Like a true Northerner, he only began playing pool and darts down the pub and enjoyed it; and now he’s Chair of the club about t9o embark on a huge weekend. Those playing this weekend are holding their cards close to their chest on what their walk-out song is, but Matthew himself is walking out to Pigbag, due to his lifelong support of Middlesbrough FC.

Tickets are completely sold out for this weekends event, but if you are one of the lucky ones then you’ll be able to catch Matthew and the rest at the LSU Darts Championship 2020 in Room 1 on Saturday 15th February. Doors open at 5.30pm.

Featured image by Sarah Hannaford


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