Love playing sport but cannot commit to AU training? Want to make new friends and meet people in other halls? Then IMS sport is the one for you!

Intra-Mural Sport, or more commonly known as IMS sport, is a free programme open to every Loughborough University student affiliated to a university hall. Every week there are 90 league fixtures, and over the course of each year there are 20 one day events. The one-day events run at certain weekends throughout the year, including sports such as water polo, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, and even beach volleyball! What a great way to cure a hangover from last night’s trip to Echoes ey!?

In my first and second year at Loughborough, I played IMS sport for Cayley and thoroughly enjoyed it! I also won the IMS Sportswoman of the year, which was quite a proud moment indeed!

This year I have taken up a sport sec position for the newest hall on campus, Claudia Parsons (or otherwise known as Clap… don’t ask). This allows me to encourage more people to play IMS, and additionally get the chance to play again myself! Yes I’m a bit of a keeno when it comes to sport, but you don’t have to be someone with a large sporting background to play.

The great thing about IMS is that the people taking part are there because they love the competitive culture that sport can bring, and it gives them the chance to have some fun with their friends. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, I suggest contacting your hall sport sec about all the sports available, and just give it a go! What do you have to lose!

Written by Elle Hopping


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