Returning volunteer, Ada Ughanwa, shares why you should get involved in LSU Media. 


I joined Media this year and it was the best decision that I made! Getting involved really adds to the excitement of university life and allows you to make many lifelong memories.

Media is one of the many sections that you can join at Loughborough, especially, if it’s a career path you want to pursue after university. I joined because I want a job in journalism in the future and getting the first-hand experience couldn’t have been easier with LSU media! Media is made of up four parts: LSUTV (TV), Lens (camera), LCR (radio) and Label (magazine) so, you can get a feel of everything or just get involved with specific departments which is what I mainly did with LSU TV and Label.

LSUTV offers you multiple roles to choose from whether that be filming from behind the camera or editing clips to make the footage look more presentable. I took part in LSUTV by being a presenter, and I found it quite daunting at first but fun at the same time; hearing your voice back on screen can be a little bit weird but, you’re able to see how you can improve.

A perk about media is that, you have access to all their equipment whenever you need it. For instance, with Lens you can easily use their camera to take some good Instagram photos or just to update your Facebook profile- whatever you fancy basically! If modelling for the camera or capturing good shots isn’t your thing, you could always just get involved with videography as that is a good skill to have nowadays.

LCR is also good to be apart of, especially if you would like to have your own radio show or podcast or you just fancy presenting the current radio programs. From presenting breakfast on Good Morning Loughborough to talking about anything on the Bubble, LCR covers all the topics that you love and need!

Label is good if you love writing or you just want to practice your skills, you get different briefs from the different departments of Label so, I’m sure you’re able to pick your fancy. I have written about Brexit to ‘why I chose Loughborough’ but, they also have briefs in music and sport so all very varied really.

I really enjoy writing for Label as, they made me realise how much I love writing, but because I stopped, I forgot I was good at it and how much I enjoyed it. I would recommend anyone that wants to learn new skills or develop old talents to get involved in Media, you will never look back!


Featured image by Omeiza Haruna


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