Are you graduating from Loughborough this week? Congratulations!

Here’s 13 things that will happen at your #LboroGrad2017.

1. You’ll try to get ANOTHER photo with the Loughborough University sign. You can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH.

2. If you’re an Undergrad, FOMO strikes and you’ll throw that imaginary mortar board in the air.

3. That iconic fountain photo, tho.

The pinnacle of education ??? #lborograd2016

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4. You will want to find Charlie the cat to show your family how adorable he is.

5. You will try your hardest to find (the man, the myth, the legend) VC Bob for that perfect photo opportunity.

Just meeting the big dog! #lborograd2016

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6. These signs will make every photo immediately better – “Hun, grab the heart one”. #LboroFamily

#lborograd2016 ?????

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7. Time is of the essence to get that perfect squad photo. Keep your eyes peeled ready to pounce when the giant letters are free.

10000% owe half (probs all) of my degree to these girls ☝?️ #LboroGrad2016

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8. You find Lord Seb Coe, immediately get a photo. You’ve made it, you’ve won on Instagram for the day.

Flo & Co. #lborograd2016

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9. Someone will dab, I’m afraid it’s inevitable.


10. She went there. The on stage selfie.

11. “OMG! When am I getting my Grad Ball wristband?” Well, don’t stress my fresh little gradlings, you can get them at Fusion Entrance from 10am – 6pm (Tuesday – Thursday) and 10am – 11pm (Friday).

YEEESSSSSSS PARTY TIIMMEEEEE!!! #bigfriendlygraduate #vip #lsurio #lborograd2016

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12. When you walk into Grad Ball you’ll be lost like the little fresher you were all them years ago… We put the pzazz into Piazza. #Makeover

The Union looking stunning at this year’s Grad Ball #LSURio #WorldPhotoDay

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13. And finally, sobbing like a child at the Grad Ball fireworks is perfectly acceptable.




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