With September very much on the horizon, LSU’s ever-incredible Freshers’ plans have been revealed! Here is the lowdown of YOUR #LSUFreshers16…

First of all the small matter of moving in. If you don’t already know, here is the moving in schedule:

Tuesday 27th September – move in day 1: Elvyn Richards, Royce, William Morris, Towers & David Collett

Wednesday 28th September – move in day 2: Butler Court, Faraday, Hazelrigg-Rutland, Cayley & Harry French

Thursday 29th September – move in day 3: Telford, Falk-Egg, Robert Bakewell, Rutherford & The Holt

Once that’s all done and out of the way, you are free to embrace Freshers’ in all its glory. Here’s how it’s going to go:

On Tuesday 27th September, Elvyn, Royce, Bill Mo, Towers and DC will be treated to a classic Stuesday (that’s Stupid Tuesday, newbies) ft. BGT finalists Boogie Storm (yeah, you remember those dressed like Storm Troopers – pretty cool, right?)

Following up from that, on Wednesday 28th September; Butler, Faraday, Rigg-Rut, Cayley and Harry French will see Hot Dub Time Machine grace Hey Ewe for a night of cheesy tunes and student anthems. It’s the perfect preparation for 3+ years of Fusion based fun, something you will all understand before long… This is the most fab night (one of my faves ever) and one certainly not to be missed!

By Friday 30th September all 15 halls will be present and correct, so with Telford, Falk-Egg, Bakewell, Rutherford and The Holt joining the party this Freshers’ FND is sure to go off with a bang! Always one of the best nights of the year (in my opinion, anyway) Radio 1 and LSU legends Scott Mills & Chris Stark are joining us for a potentially messy but unforgettable night at (probably) the greatest

Union on earth.

Once everyone has had a couple of days to recover from FND, you will be thrust straight into the greatest inter-hall competition of all time – The Sing Off – on Sunday 2nd October! The Sing Off consists of three heats, which shall go like this…

1: Cayley, Rutherford, Elvyn, Towers, Falk-Egg

2: Harry French, Bakewell, Rigg Rut, Bill Mo, Royce

3: Holt, DC, Telford, Faraday, Butler

…before a huge final in which the halls that display the strongest hall spirit and most imaginative chanting from each heat will be crammed into Room One once more to compete for bragging rights for the entire year. Arguably the best night of Freshers’, this gets super serious, so be prepared…

By Wednesday 5th October you’ll have endured a few days of lectures and seminars, and it will certainly be time to let your hair down. Well, what better time to have a Hey Ewe paint party! Another personal fave of mine, paint parties are a great opportunity to bond with housemates and strangers alike over your newfound LOVE of fluorescent paint. This slippy slidey fun in Room One is a must!

TFIF! It’s Friday 7th October, so it can only be Returners’ FND. Freshers’ will be joined for the first time by second, third, fourth, fifth years, postgrads… basically everyone! But the territorial bar queues will be worthwhile, believe me, there’s really no time for beauty sleep when it comes to the LSU Freshers’ line up because up next it’s…

FRESHERS’ BALL! Undoubtedly the biggest night of Freshers’, this one is all about getting dressed to impress with your new besties! Acts at this year’s Ball, on Saturday 8th October, are as follows…

Sigala (“Easy Love”, “Sweet Lovin’”., “Give Me Your Love”… all the love ones)

Louisa Johnson (X Factor winner and star of LSU fave Clean Bandit’s new one “Tears”)

Jonas Blue (new Ibiza legend and “Perfect Strangers” creator – if he’s good enough for Ibiza…)

Showhawk Duo (an electronic/acoustic duo that’s all over the internet – and the country – right now!)

Coffee House Sessions (the first of many beautiful acoustic sessions you will hear at this Union regular)

So that’s it, all that’s left to tell you is that Platinum & Gold are available from 9AM Thursday from https://www.lsu.co.uk/platinum/ – follow the link to find all the deets on this fab offer. I recommend getting Platinum … you’ll never look back!

Oh, and don’t forget to tweet/Instagram/shout from the rooftops your excitement with #LSUFreshers2016 – you know you want to!!!


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