With Her Royal Highness celebrating her 90th Birthday, various parties and occasions are set to mark the special event. Thursday May 12th sees the New Zealand Army Band perform at Windsor Castle as part of a larger celebration for the Queen, in which Private Jordan Seaton, and sousaphone player is performing. I caught up with Jordan to find out more about the event:

What’s the most exciting part about being in London around Her Majesty’s Birthday?

“The fact that she is Royalty and we’ve been asked to preform is an honour in itself and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Members of The NZ Army Band at Windsor Castle

Where will you be performing?

“We preform on the Queen’s backyard in Windsor Castle and have already done one performance there this week. Yesterday we did a private show for the Queen which I was quite nervous for!”

(Catch a video of them performing the Haka on their Facebook page).

Do you know why your band were asked to perform- is it because of the Commonwealth link?

“It’s mainly the the commonwealth link but there is also our reputation alongside this.”

Is your performance part of something bigger?

There are other groups here too, there are Fijians, Chileans, Canadians, Australians, around 900 horses and obviously all of the UK Defence Force bands as part of the Defence Force event. We’ll also be performing at the Edinburgh Tattoo this year if people are interested in seeing us perform!

Thanks to Jordan for chatting with Label, we wish The NZ Army Band the best of luck in their performances!

Photo courtesy of Jordan Seaton and The NZ Army Band from their performance at Windsor Castle.


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