Thursday the 3rd of March is a momentous day in a number of diaries: England won the world cup, Britain went to war and Chris Moore certified yet another banger. However, 2016’s version was to be the start of a mouth-watering journey, if you’ll pardon the pun. Ok, maybe not all of that is factually correct, but it sounded good in our minimalistic attempt of research.
Good Craic, Good Snack will be taking an in-depth look at dining establishments in and around the Leicestershire area as we find out in the words of Gillian McKeith, ‘what not to eat’. The first edition takes a look at our trip to Nando’s Leicester as we seeked to clarify just how cheeky it could possibly be. On arrival Tom told the waitress that this was a first date and that we were coming on behalf of Trip Adviser, she scoffed at what she clearly thought was an attempt of ‘banter’ and immediately lowered the tone of the evening. I mean, what’s funny about Tom and JT going on a date…

We swifty made our way to the checkout to order, butterfly chicken with spicy rice and chips – medium spice, obviously. The total bill came to £10.85, some may say reasonable; others may say ‘mate, you just bought chicken and chips for a tenner’. If JT’s maths is to be believed our food took 13 minutes to arrive, an efficient service. Yet it still allowed us time to soak up the ambiance and make use of the bottomless drinks (that we forgot to pay for – classic mix up).

The food arrived and we complemented our dishes with a medium spiced sauce and a dashing of tomato ketchup straight from the glass bottle, which leads us onto our next point. In a day and age of squeezy bottles who on earth would opt for the glass edition. Now, we both love a nandos as much as the next man, however on this occasion we couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed at how dry our chicken was. As expected, the chips and rice did exactly what they said on the tin, not that we’re suggesting they came from a tin; they were better than that.

We left the establishment in the main satisfied, however adamant that Nando’s had not set the world alight by any stretch of the imagination. Tom was still feeling a little hungry so a crunchie McFlurry on the way home was the chosen remedy. Would we encourage people to go? Yes, If you were bored on a Thursday evening. Would we be ambassadors? Absolutely not.


Hopefully this has given you an insight into Nando’s of Leicester, stay tuned for our next edition of Good Craic, Good Snack.

Tom & JT


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