I’m no stranger to the fresher’s flab that seems to grace many of us during first year, getting that healthy lifestyle at University can be a struggle. Especially with the greasy, lingering smell of Papa Si’s tempting us on a stumble home from FND and the handiness of a takeaway pizza on lazy evenings after lectures.

But with small adjustments that healthy lifestyle is not too far away. I’m not saying you have grab your favourite AU stash and hit Powerbase gym with protein shake in hand, but with these few easy adjustments you can drastically improve how you feel and look:

  • Always carry a water bottle.

Hydration is key to looking and feeling great. Good hydration improves cognitive thinking, keeps your skin clear and energises your muscles. 

  • Swap the bus for walking or cycling.

The Sprint bus from the Union to Pilks may be tempting on those windy Loughborough days, however the walk will not only boost your metabolism and burn those unwanted calories, but it also release endorphins, which alleviates stress and boosts your mood. This thought at least makes those 9am lectures slightly more bearable!

  • Make healthy meals in bulk.

Lack of time is the main reason us lazy students substitute a Domino’s delivery for a healthy homemade meal. So why not try making your week’s meals in bulk when you have time and freeze them for later? A homemade chilli or a pot of soup is perfect for this. Making meals in bulk saves time and money!

  • Try to get good sleep.

The recommendation for adults aged 18-25 is to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Try cutting out the afternoon Netflix naps, and instead opting for a good night’s sleep. It’s not always easy if you are living in halls, with their notoriously paper-thin halls, but good sleep gives your body time to rest and recover. Additionally, it allows for optimum productivity the following day.

  • Swap sweet treats for a healthy substitute.

Sweet treats between lectures are a daily temptation, but why not try bringing fruit to nibble on as an alternative to the high calorie treats in the shop?

Hopefully with these manageable tips you will find yourself feeling healthier and happier before you know it!

Robyn Hastings


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