Voting has now opened for your NUS delegates 2016!

NUS delegates are voted to attend the annual NUS conference and represent Loughborough University where they will shape policy vote on motions on the behalf of students.

There are currently 6 candidates running 4 University and 3 College places. Among those are Lizzie Beale, a youth MP and an ambassador for the UK’s leading youth volunteering charity, Esther Malkinson, a third year Drama student and Dan Leedham, a somewhat veteran of the conference, having attended for the past two years.

The manifestoes speak largely of a commitment and desire to accurately represent the views of Loughborough students. Akram Abdel Gadir is the only first year running and therefore may seem the least experienced, yet he speaks of a great enthusiasm and is already Vice President and Events Co-ordinator of two societies.

Current VP Action Rosie Harvey seems a likely and desirable to be elected due to her connections with the college and candidate Matt Gill displays an impressive knowledge of the university and NUS in his manifesto.

Voting is open until 17:00 on Friday 5th February and the conference will take place on 19th-21st April.


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