Airbnb has become a popular holiday letting option in the last couple of years, with home owners renting out their properties to holiday goers. One Australian family got more than they bargained for when they rented a Queensland property for eleven days from a property owner with the username MaryJane. Such a username was in fact synonymous for the marijuana farm that was growing inside one of the properties bedrooms.

The family were told that the room had electrical problems and could not be used. Less than twenty-four hours after checking in, the families barbeque was interrupted when armed policemen broke down the door, and detained the family for five hours.

Airbnb gave the family a full refund, and have removed the property off of its website, stating that they do not condone illegal behaviour.

Whilst this story may put people off using Airbnb, it may just be a warning to not rent a property with an out-of-bounds locked room from an owner with the name Mary Jane.

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