The week commencing 1st February isn’t only set to see the start of a new semester hit the University, but it’s also a very special week for Welfare & Diversity; it’s Consent Week! VP W&D Gemma Lomas has got tonnes planned for this special week long event, which she hopes will have a long lasting effect on us students. With this in mind, Label caught up with Gemma to get the lowdown on what to expect!

Super Wednesday (3rd) will see the biggest of the events take place, with film ‘The Hunting Ground’ being screened in the Cope Auditorium from 12-30-1:30pm. This film is about sexual assault and harassment on US university campuses, and will no doubt have some resonance on our own campus. This will be followed by a discussion panel from 2-3pm, during which Gemma and VC Bob alongside specialists in the field will answer questions regarding consent, how this all applies to us here in Loughborough, and the cultural differences between the US and UK.


Thursday’s (4th) line-up promises a crossover with the Ethnic Minorities Network, as Welfare & Diversity team up with Flix to screen ‘For Colored Girls’. This film not only confronts issues of consent and sexual assault, but also racial difficulties and how these can often, sadly, become intertwined.

Friday (5th) is to bring us a performance from the Caravan Theatre, who are to perform a 10 minute play entitled ‘Can’t Touch This’ repeatedly over the course of the day. The caravan will be located on the union lawn, allowing anyone to drop by, and there will be opportunities to speak to the playwright between performances, as well as a space to leave your thoughts. This play is available to be seen by staff and students alike and should be an entertaining way of engaging with Consent Week and what it’s all about!

Attending these events isn’t the only way you can get involved in Consent Week, though. A change is to be seen in the Union entrance, where a perspex box will be fitted into which students will drop balls emblazoned with the word ‘yes’, creating a fantastic visual display. YES to consent! Alongside this, the Women’s Network will be running with specific groups and hall committees are to arrange times for consent workshops to take place, ensuring hall engagement and an opportunity for anyone who is interested to get involved, learn something new, and share their views.

Finally, information packs are to be made available to students both in halls and in town, and also members of the local community who would like to be involved – just one of the reasons Gemma hopes the week will enjoy longevity and success for years to come.

Keep an eye on this very website to see all the latest news and reviews about Consent Week as it happens!


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