In the last year, the number of Universities given a red ranking for freedom of speech has increased by 14%, with a worrying 55% of Universities severely restricting freedom of speech in 2016. There is a traffic light rating when it comes to free speech at Universities, with only 10% of UK Universities being awarded a green signal.

The Huffington Post give the example of the University of East Anglia, whose ranking went from green to red in just one year, after the union banned The Sun and the hockey team, along with other items.

In Loughborough, both the University and the students’ union have been given an amber ranking for its freedom of speech, with restrictions being placed upon guest speaker policy and “offensive sexual expression.”

Restrictions concerning areas of sexual harassment and bullying are understandable, but there is a fine balance between protecting students and staff, and restricting our right to put forward our views. It would appear that our right to freedom of speech is being compromised, and this will create problems, with one twitter user stating: “the rise of no-platforming is ridiculous. How can we learn, and teach others, if we only hear what we want to hear?”

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