According to, Loughborough has come out on top as the most popular first choice university for prospective students in 2016. University of Leeds took second place whilst our neighbours at Nottingham placed fourth.

This marks the second time Loughborough have been recognised by WhatUni over the past year after we won university of the year at the WhatUni student choice awards. The news comes just two weeks before the deadline for Ucas submissions and so far over 8,000 students have applied through WhatUni’s online Final 5 tool.

532,300 students entering higher education last year, a huge increase on the year previous. The validity of the result has been backed up by HotCourses CEO Simin Emmett who called the final 5 tool Final 5 tool is “key information” that will help universities with their recruitment and forecasting.

So it looks as though we can expect to see a bigger number of students being brought into Loughborough next year and with the awards the university has been receiving recently, the popularity could rise further.


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