Last month, Label put in a bid to host the Student Publication Association National Conference in 2016, better known as “SPANC”. Following many meetings, discussions, endorsements from some wonderful peopleLoughborough_SPANC_WIN (to whom we owe a lot of gratitude), the SPA have decided that Loughborough Students’ Union will be the hosts for their next conference.

When we decided in late October to bid for the conference, we never anticipated that we’d have such a great team in such a short amount of time, as well as such a fabulous brochure to accompany all of our ideas, budgeting and showcasing of LSU, LSU Media and of course, Label.

The conference is aimed at student journalists from across the country and will see over 100 people attend to be part of educational talks, an awards evening, networking and more. We are thoroughly looking forward to the event and can’t wait to work with the SPA on this in the next few months. We feel honoured to have been selected to host the event and cannot wait to welcome everyone to Loughborough.

…Now all that remains is for us to pull off the conference next April. Bring it on!

Special thanks go out to Leanna Kightley, Paul Johnston, Alice Priestley, Jamie Hutton, Chris Moore, Greg Carter and Natasha Walkerdine for their help with the organisation of our bid and the brochure. 


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