Christmas is a time for celebration, so what could be better than getting your house/flat involved in the festivities, too? By surrounding your living space with as many Christmas related things as you can, it’s certainly more likely to get people in the spirit. Since it only comes once a year, it’s worth making the most of it with your house/flat, and here I’ll show you just how you can get everyone involved – it is the most wonderful time of the year, after all:

Decorating your flat/house

Who wouldn’t want to walk into a house of glittering tinsel, paper snowflakes and flashing christmas lights hung in every free corner possible? It creates the atmosphere for Christmas, and really does make anywhere feel like home. A tree is crucial to christmas, and even if you’re on a budget, decorations for it can be made out of pretty much anything (paper, pipe cleaners etc). It’s impossible to be a Scrooge in a house so full of glitter.

Christmas jumpersChristmas_Sweater

To add to such a festive setting, a Christmas outfit is in order. Nothing quite shows how united a house/flat is like wearing matching christmas jumpers, right? Other festive attire is accepted, but there’s something about a huge jumper in December that adds to the Christmassy feeling.

A Christmas dinner

Everyone working together to create something at least half edible is what it’s all about (unfortunately, you can’t expect to be living with every Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver on campus). Giving everyone a job means that it’s an easy way to get the whole flat/house involved, and there’s something so satisfying in making a meal that isn’t microwavable. It’s just not quite Christmas without a celebratory roast dinner, and since those you’re living with are your substitute family for a year, it seems fitting to have a big family dinner.

Secret Santa6553604213_4b5427c13d_o

This is a great way to ensure that everyone receives a present, without every person having to buy for the entire house. Also, it adds fun to the occasion by keeping the sender a mystery – you’ll keep wondering who it was that gave you toilet mini golf and why… Set a budget so that everybody is in the same vicinity, and it gives everyone something to look forward to.

Christmas Music

From December 1st (or, like me, from the second Halloween is over), it is obligatory to play Christmas music all day, every day. Michael Buble? Mariah Carey? Wham? Absolute Christmas perfection. It’ll be impossible for those you live with to escape the merriment that Christmas music brings – especially if you play the music loud enough that they just have to listen.

Have your own Christmas Daychristmas-xmas-santa-claus-advent

Combining a Christmas meal, with secret santa, and maybe a day of watching classic Christmas films is a way to get everyone in the festive spirit. A flat/house Christmas day is a cute way of setting aside time for celebration with your uni family.

Christmas Countdown

To make sure everyone is aware of just how soon Christmas is, make a count down. You’ll be surprised at just how excited everyone gets seeing that it is just (x) days ‘till Christmas!

Christmas pre-drinks

Christmas music is essential. So are your most awful Christmas outfits. Also, a brilliant drinking game is to put a little santa hat on the corner of your T.V., and to drink each time somebody on screen wears the hat. Get merry for Christmas whilst you’re getting merry with alcohol.2739265_7004249a

Christmas Markets

Taking a trip to the local Christmas markets (Nottingham’s Christmas market is brilliant) is sure to get the entire flat/house in the spirit. With ice skating available, fresh cooked foods, and hot chocolates at the ready, it’s every part of Christmas you could wish for in one place.

Even if you live with a Scrooge, who doesn’t love a roast dinner and Home Alone when it comes down to it? Everyone is sure to get involved – Christmas is a time to get together and celebrate, after all.

Emelie Stevenson


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