Last week Facebook allowed us to change our profile pictures to show support for the horrible Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 21.11.00events which took place in Paris. Our Facebook feeds turned into a swirl of blue white and red hours after the attacks had taken place. I myself changed my picture to show support, along with many of my friends and family. Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 21.17.03Zuckerberg and co at Fb HQ had previously given this filter option to ‘Celebrate Pride’ last June, by allowing us to change our profile pictures into a rainbow. Now, some may argue that this is a great way to show ‘support’ of an event, and the two occurrences previously stated are historical events that will be remembered in years to come. Although many of my friends showed support for both these events, some did not, and believe that these filters are making propaganda of serious events which deserve more respect than a simple filter. After having thought over this situation, I do not disagree with these comments.

Facebook have newly announced that we can now show support for a football team with this filter tool, I believe this is one step too far. The previous instances in which Zuckerberg introduced the filter tool have been for powerful and significant moments, not simply to support a sports team. And by doing so, many people may feel that Fb have disrespected both the tragedy in Paris and the legalisation of gay marriage.

Kristy Robertson


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