Not for the first time this week, the media reported on the vandalism of War Graves in West London. Graffitied with blue spray paint, the Australian and New Zealand War Graves were defaced heartlessly by vandals.

This is beyond upsetting on so many levels. Around one week after Remembrance Day, people have proven that indeed we shouldn’t have faith in humanity as there are clearly people unable to be considerate enough to leave such things as cemeteries alone. Why would you do anything other than take flowers to a cemetery? No, it’s not necessarily normal practice for a war cemetery, but neither is taking a can of spray paint.10665209_698141406942723_7251956186426499855_n

There are people in this world prepared to dedicate a lot of their time to cleaning up war cemeteries, and yes if you don’t know me, I am one of those people. None of us expect to see defaced graves, maybe just a bit of moss and some spiders webs- naturally ageing the graves, not speeding it up through inhumane means.

Many of these graves are those of people who lost their lives often through no fault of their own, trying to defend their country through a time of unrest and struggle. If that’s something that doesn’t bother or interest you, walk past, don’t deface them. You’ll want to be remembered when you die, why shouldn’t they be allowed to rest in their graves without having their dedicated stone damaged?

The Police are currently appealing for information and request that anyone with any calls 101 with the reference number 0923805/15. (Obtained from


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