Living in town is great, sure. But when it dawns on you that FND isn’t always an option, or you can’t simply roll out of bed straight to lectures anymore, it’s a sad moment. Below are some of the struggles you’ll probably go through having decided to move out of halls into the town centre:


The Distance between the Union and Town

With a brief bus journey, surely the walk isn’t that bad? Oh but it is. Give it a couple of months after term starts and you’ll end up getting to lectures with small icicles forming from your face and having a mild case of frostbite on your toes. Don’t even go there when it comes to union nights out – you’ll be very likely to get spammed with Stuesday deals sooner or later, which will make the trek worth it. Kind of.


It can’t always be helped – a course swap, or deciding they aren’t about that uni life – but it’s still annoying as hell. You need to find someone quick-time to replace them, which isn’t always easy. If you’re optimistic about things, you could use their empty room for so many things: predrinks area, hangover room or even a special room just for the local cat. Or just wait for a weird person you’ve never met to occupy the room and seemingly never leave it during the daytime.

Courtesy of: with your Worst Nightmare

Hopefully, you will never have to experience this – and I haven’t yet. When it comes to signing a contract for your new home, you’re all great pals and everything seems almost perfect. Give it a few months, and you’ll realise their annoying habits become more in-your-face tenfold, but you can’t escape! Just look forward to the times you’ll never have to hear their Hairspray soundtrack on repeat ever again in a matter of (many) months.


Yep, you heard right. Living in halls, you had so many luxuries you took for granted. Imagine having your own cleaner now?! You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Not only do you suffer the loss of a mostly-clean flat, but the impending threat of furry creatures crawling into your homes as the nights get colder. Not just an urban myth I’m afraid. Top tip: don’t leave peanut butter lying around, or any food for that matter.


£xpensive Nights Out

Living a stone’s throw from town means you’re just as close to all of the clubs. Unfortunately, the nights add up with them not being as cheap as the union, but when you do go out you have an excuse to dress up all fancy! Except if it’s Echos. Never Echos.

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