Britain’s Got Talent, the UK’s biggest televised talent contest, is coming to Loughborough! The ITV show is an absolute juggernaut, watched by millions across the country, and over nine series of televisual gold has made household names out of many of its contestants. A select few have even used the show as a springboard to world fame and fortune, launching glittering careers off the back of their appearances on BGT. Susan Boyle, Paul Potts, Stavros Flatley…will yours be the next name on this illustrious list?

Simon_Cowell_in_December_2011Talent researchers for the show will be in Loughborough this December looking for the next big thing, meeting locals and holding open auditions in multiple locations across town. Emily Louise Smith, who will be heading up the hunt for Loughborough’s potential stars of the future, remarked that researchers will be ‘looking to find great new talent for the next series of the show’ and as well as holding open auditions, would also be ‘dropping into local clubs and groups to see showcases of their work.’

The town has a recent history of success on the programme, with Loughborough’s Kieran Sutcliffe making the live semi-finals in 2014 alongside his girlfriend Sarah Louise James. The pair’s moving rendition of Love Changes Everything wowed the judges and public alike, winning admirers across the country and securing four yeses. Although the opera singing duo didn’t quite make it to the final, their performance in the live show of Freddie Mercury hit ‘Barcelona’ was another success, drawing praise from the judges and giving them a respectable 7th place in their semi-final.

If you think you have what it takes to follow in Kieran’s footsteps and wow Simon and the judges, then get in contact with Emily Smith, either by phone on 02076 915138, or by email at, and you’ll be able to arrange for a representative to visit your group or for an audition to showcase your talent. Whether you can bend spoons with your mind, make your dog do the moonwalk or can hit a high note like SuBo, Britain’s Got Talent could be your way to fame and glory!

Rob Godmon


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