Let me begin by saying I’m a big fan of Christmas; I love the atmosphere, the seasonal markets, the TV…but there is such a thing as starting your celebrations too soon.

As summer comes to an end each year, I am no longer surprised to be faced with Christmas decorations when doing my supermarket shop, and to hear some eager friends have already bought gifts for everyone. When it comes to my own home, however, I can’t stomach the thought of the Christmas season until the beginning of December, specifically a few days in; having a birthday in the first few days of the month, family Christmas celebrations were postponed until that day’s festivities were over, and it seems strange to me to do it any differently. Until now.

4207371742_c825466c16_b6th November: the day after Bonfire Night, and the day my friends started to get into the Christmas spirit. I woke up to the John Lewis Christmas advert and an onslaught of snapchats from people excited about the festive season, which of course only increased in number when I expressed my feelings. By the end of the day, my housemates had found a tree they went out and bought the next day; in fact, before November had even begun my housemates were talking about getting a tree for the house. Earlier on in October than that, and discussions about various group Secret Santas were taking place. Meanwhile, I was internally—and sometimes externally—screaming ‘it’s too soon!’ I understand the need to plan ahead with certain things, but how can you bare to think about a holiday when there’ll already be a month of full-on festivities in not too long a time?

Of course, with the decorations comes the music. Much like Stuesdays, you have to be in the right mood to enjoy Christmas songs without losing your mind. Personally, I find music even less acceptable prematurely than I do decorations; excessive cheeriness makes me want to hide away in a cave, and I’m only realising now I sound like more of a ‘bah humbug’ type than ever.

Despite my distaste for the in-your-face premature festivities, I have arrived at a compromise with the world: I will accept the existence of the Christmas season between the beginning of advent—29th November this year—and the Twelve Days of Christmas, which end on 6th January. So please, hold back your tinsel and carol-singing until then, and make the most of the five week long festive season.


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