October’s Illustration Competition Winner is Dan Golding with his illustration of a shark. The theme of this issues’ competition was Animal Kingdom.
“Hi I’m Dan and I’m a fresher studying Industrial Design and Technology! I have always loved sketching and illustrating in various types of media and I see it as a good way to practice my skills for my design degree.

Dan Golding's Winning Image
Dan Golding’s Winning Image
I chose the Great White Shark as I have always admired (and feared) them! Feared worldwide for its star role in the ‘Jaws’ films, they are one of the largest and most powerful predators on the planet. Swimming in a cage with them in New Zealand is my ultimate dream on my bucket list!
I used an Ipad to sketch for the first time which I found to be a fantastic way of turning loose sketches into more refined pieces. I used a rubber tipped stylus on the free ‘SketchBookX’ app to create the shark, mainly using the airbrush, paintbrush and pencil tools. I created this in about two hours from the comfort of my bed, so it really is a great way of working that anyone can do!
A big thank you to everybody that voted for me, and I have to say that the other entries were fantastic and all deserved to win! I look forward to the future competitions as this was great fun to enter and I recommend everyone to get involved!”

Congratulations to Dan, we look forward to seeing more of his work and of course entries from other students too! Head over to the Label Facebook page for details on current competitions and to view entries. Details for the Issue Three competition can be found here

(Winners are chosen according to the amount of ‘likes’ their work gets over on our Facebook page.)


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