When I hear the European Union mentioned, one word springs to mind: Discrimination. The following quotes were taken from http://www.mastersportal.eu/, a website dedicated to searching for a degree across the world.

“In general, EU students should have the same rights when they move to another EU country. EU citizens are automatically entitled to study in other EU member states: they should not be paying higher tuition fees and they should be able to receive a residence permit”.

That’s interesting, now let’s see what they have to say about students who live in non-EU countries such as China and India.

For non-EU students this works differently. European High Education welcomes non-EU students in Europe: although they are required to pay for tuition fees.”

For me this is absolutely ludicrous. 2390666040_5a9d52b896_oWhy should a Chinese student be sat in lectures next to an Italian student yet find themselves paying twice as much as the Italian student for exactly the same education? This is the exact definition of racial discrimination; treating somebody negatively based upon their ethnicity or origin. I believe that whatever country you come from, you should have equal opportunity to study in this country at exactly the same price.

It’s a well-known fact that students and young people are more disengaged in politics than any other age group. Ask yourself why? What’s the point in making a political stance? Your one voice alone won’t make any difference, right? Why? I am a firm believer that ordinary people such as you and me should have more of a say on how our beautiful country is ran. However we are left powerless due to so many levels or government. We have local councils, above that we have local parliament, above that we have national parliament and then above that we have the EU. The EU are the ones who make most of our decisions. The MPs we voted for in May only have the power to change 30% of the laws that we live by every day; the EU make the other 70%, regardless of whichever party is in government. There’s no point in speaking about real change in the country because at most only 30% of laws can change depending on the governing party.  What I say is this, let’s search for freedom from the unelected, unaccountable, unimpeachable EU commission. Let’s speak loud and proud and give our voices more power, if you feel strongly that this country needs to be changed, then in the upcoming referendum let’s vote to LEAVE the EU, let’s stop spending £55,000,000 EACH DAY to be a member of the EU straight jacket, and let’s give ourselves the opportunity to make 100% of the decisions that we will live by each day.

Harry Lambert

NO2EU society chairman


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