With Halloween just days away and the madness that is Mayhem kicking off the weekend’s festivities tomorrow, fancy dress shops are being raided, bottles of liquid latex are flying off the shelves, while sales of cat ears have skyrocketed.

According to research from UK’s leading money saving brand, Voucher Cloud at least three fifths of Britons are planning to dress up for Halloween this year. So with the majority of us deciding to dress up for the occasion the question on everyone’s mind is what to wear? Apparently if you’re in the East Midlands there is set to be a surplus of Supermen, Batmen and other superheroes alike. A recent survey conducted by www.Vouchercloud.com revealed the most popular Halloween outfit choices by region, with 20% in the East Midlands claiming they will be dressing up as a superhero this week, so brace yourself for a DC vs. Marvel face off in Echoes’ White Room.

The survey was brought about following an increase in searches for fancy dress and Halloween-related discounts on the online shopping code hub. Chris Johnson, Head of Operations at vouchercloud.com, commented:

“It’s been very revealing to see which costumes are most popular in different regions of the UK. Clearly Brits like the idea of masquerading as zombies this year; perhaps it’s the effect of a certain very popular TV show! We’d have liked to have seen more traditionally spooky costume themes in the list though, rather than the sexy and cute outfits. Halloween is supposed to be scary, after all!”

The results from the survey appear to show more and more people are turning away from the “scary” Halloween outfits and instead opting for a more glamorous look and ditching the witching look. The most commonly used fancy dress theme per region is as follows:

North West – a Disney character (33%)

South East – traditional Halloween costumes e.g. ghosts, witches & skeletons (29%)

West Midlands – a zombie (28%)

Yorkshire and the Humberside – an animal (25%)

Scotland – a Morphsuit (24%)

East of England – uniformed service e.g. nurses, doctors etc. (22%)

East Midlands – a superhero (20%)

London – a living celebrity e.g. Miley Cyrus (19%)

Wales – traditional Halloween costumes e.g. ghosts, witches & skeletons (18%)

North East – a movie character (17%)

Northern Ireland – a dead celebrity e.g. Marilyn Monroe (15%)

South West – a zombie (15%)

The results also showed that only 12% of surveyed had previously worm matching ‘his and hers’ costumes with their partner, while 38% have worn matching costumes with friends. However you choose to doll up this Halloween, be it geographically correct or otherwise be sure to check out www.vouchercloud.com for discounts you can trust.


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