Katie and Paul caught up with Adam from Blonde prior to his set at Freshers Ball. Snippets of our interviews at Freshers Ball are available in Issue 2 of Label. 

Where’s the biggest venue you’ve performed? 

If we’re including festivals, our best by far would be Parklife in Manchester, playing to 4000-5000 people! Over freshers, well the last couple of weeks we’ve stayed a lot in the Midlands and we’ve played Swansea. Freshers gigs are always so good, as its the students’ first experience of university life!

So are you looking forward to tonight?

A few of my friends went to Loughborough so I’ve been here a few times and have a bit of a connection which is nice.

What would be your perfect audience? 

The perfect audience are the most responsive to what we play, student crowds are great, they’re like the ‘funnest’ as they really have no inhibitions.

Do you prefer larger or smaller venues?

At smaller venues you can go off the path, they really have their own charm, whereas you can go quite hard in a larger room but there’s less of a connection. they both have their benefits.

Have you ever really annoyed any venue staff? 

To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever been drunk enough!

…Is that an invite? Haha!

How much do you plan your sets?

We generally play off the crowd. we have about 10% of our set lined up, some tracks and mixes that we know work well together. If it’s planned, you shoot yourself in the foot.

Have you ever played to any bad crowds?

I think every DJ has. I used to play in Bristol, for about 2 or 3 years and I think I had my fair share of rubbish shows.

So how do you deal with that?

I do care, but I don’t take it personally, my attitude is ‘at least I tried’!

What would be the worst thing that could go wrong?

Technical problems! If the electric goes off, then acoustic versions are the way forward, or get everyone chanting.

So you know how to handle any problem then and here at Loughborough we do love our chants!

Well chants are the best way, at uni’s they show that everyone is proud!

Do you go to many places as a VIP?

I go to gigs, I don’t go clubbing as much, because I’m always in clubs with work, I love it but I am constantly there.

Do you get ideas for your own shows from other DJs/ clubs?

Well, you’re probably analytical in your journalistic work for example, and I think there’s the same element in music.

So do you appreciate what others do better?

Well I obviously notice mistakes but do appreciate others work as well.

What’s the biggest compliment you’ve ever received?

We met Craig David! He loved our work and said we inspired him which was amazing as we were massively inspired by him! The compliment was AMAZING!

Do you look back at what you’ve done or more to the future? 

I find it difficult to look back and appreciate what I’ve achieved, Jake and I are really ambitious, so we look to the future.

Where would you like to be with your music in five years time?

A World tour would be great! A number 1 album would be a dream come true! Stats are great but it’s so much more than that.

What would make your Freshers Ball performance a success?

Just have a good evening really- I don’t want people to be leaving!

When is your favourite time to perform?

I prefer midnight, clubs are good with a full on crowd. Late sets are good but everything is so different.

Do you compare yourself to the rest of a line- up?

An evening should be one pace all the way through. You can’t go from a moderate energy vibe straight to a high energy followed by drum and bass, the energy would lull.

If you had a dream warm- up act who would it be?

TCTS! He’s an amazing DJ and we love his music.

Are you scared that you won’t live up to the hype? Do you get nervous?

I harness that. I used to get really nervous but not so much now. Nerves are good and I often get butterflies.

What’s the weirdest thing on your rider?

Ours is quite boring actually, we heard that someone request to have Alan Partridge posters on all of the inward facing walls, so we need something amusing like this. However, if you’re really interested, we do have Gin and Tonic, Peppermint Tea and Coconut water on ours!

Many thanks to Adam for the interview!

Photos with Adam coming soon.


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