Nothing represents the stereotypes of British culture better than The Great British Bake Off. Every Wednesday at 8pm we’ve sat down with a nice cuppa anticipating cake and innuendos galore. The 2015 final did not disappoint.

Many people came into the final with a favourite baker; mine being Tamal who has consistently been one of the best bakers but always just missing out on being the show’s Star Baker. Chocolate_Cupcakes_with_Raspberry_ButtercreamThat said, as the final progressed I found myself verbally exclaiming at all the little mistakes he made throughout the episode. Despite making up for this with his final show-stopping bake, it sadly wasn’t enough for a win as we already saw a clear path for the unveiling of the Bake Off Champ. It was obvious Nadiya was the most skilled and precise baker (much to my disappointment!) and this was only highlighted more when Ian didn’t even remember to put sugar in his iced buns… almost as disastrous as when sugar was substituted for salt a few seasons ago – yummy.

We also got to experience some classic innuendos that appeal to our British humour. Ian’s “buns have all touched each other” and Nadiya’s round buns being described as “really quite different and full of flavour.” This cheeky charm is what makes the programme universally entertaining as the entire nation was chuckling at the double entendres.

I think its safe to say many of us will miss the parade of cakes on our TV every Wednesday and are looking forward to its return next year already.

Emma Morgan


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