Freshers is an exciting time but admittedly exhausting. There’s so much going on you can’t help but just go with the flow and worry about sleep later – which is what it’s all about! But when all the hype is over, it’s hard to believe you’re at university to actually knuckle down and study (who’d have thought?!).

‘Freshers Blues’ is a symptom which many experience, with the infamous Freshers’ Flu being a common accomplicebooks-552607_640. You feel tired, somewhat depleted and ultimately sad that you can no longer use the excuse of Freshers for being late to lectures. Getting into a solid routine is generally the tough one, but with the following tips, you should be raring to get stuck into the academic term feeling fresh and prepared, especially as it’s beginning to get darker outside (*cries*).

Buy and cook some decent meals

Assuming many takeaways  and the odd drink were consumed during freshers, this is the key to get your body (and mind) back in gear. Get yourself some fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meats to replenish your general health. Use any spare time to find some new recipes, as living off tinned soup and Supernoodles may be quick and easy, but not great for you in the long run! If you have a blender, this is a great way to get essential vitamins and minerals back in your system with minimal effort.

Be active

It might be difficult getting active after a heavy couple of weeks, but you know it will be beneficial. Get involved in sports societies, join the local gym or even use your bike more here and there. Little things can make a big difference, and getting moving will undoubtedly get you more motivated as the semester ploughs on through. Don’t forget that the Students’ Union offers Zumba and other classes starting from £1!

Plan a manageable, personal routine

Dull and boring it may be, but once it’s done it’s done. Print or write out your university timetable and stick it on your wall somewhere. It’s then easy to see when you have free slots of time to get involved with: extra-curricular stuff, a trip to the library, your food shop, the gym etc. Using a calendar is also extremely effective if you have a busy schedule, and helps you to remember the little things you can’t afford to forget.

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Organise your notes and study space

Again, it’s a dull and dreary task. Buy yourself a file with dividers and plastic wallets, a paper tray, a stocked pencil case, post-it notes and what not. If you have all of your study things and notes sorted for itself, it makes it ten times easier when your deadline or exams come around, and you’ll thank yourself later. Plus it will most likely make you more eager to jump into lectures and enjoy it more, with hopefully less stress knowing you’ve not lost any vital notes or spilled leftover vodka all over your laptop.

Have a big clean up

No one can live in a dirty environment. If you’re living as a group, get together and find a day you’re all free to spend time cleaning your home – both shared and personal spaces. This will not only make it a more pleasant place to live in, but benefit everyone when it comes to focusing on work.

Most importantly, be positive! There’s so much to look forward to during your first semester at university, but remember to look after your health as well as have a great time and make the most of your experience. Still sad about Freshers being over? Refreshers is only around the corner!


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