It seems Queen Elizabeth II is certainly taking the words of the national anthem seriously as she prepares to celebrate being the longest serving monarch of Great Britain. With her reign spanning 63 years, 7 months and 5 days (as of Wednesday 9th September 2015) she has narrowly overtaken Queen Victoria who was previously the longest reigning monarch of Britain.

Between the two longest reigning monarchs in British history they have reigned for a combined total of more than 125 years.Buckingham Palace Queen

Queen Elizabeth II is the eldest daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth as well as the great-great granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Elizabeth assumed the throne aged 25 on 9th September 1952. She is also the first reigning monarch to celebrate a diamond-wedding anniversary; she has been married to Duke of Edinburgh for 68 years in November.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have four children, including Prince Charles, who is her successive heir, eight grandchildren including Prince William and Prince Harry and five great-grandchildren who include Prince George who is third in line to succeed his great grandmother and his sister, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

So what does 63 years, 7 months and 5 days as Queen actually mean?

  • £340m estimated worth
  • 237 roads named after her
  • 116 official visits
  • 12 Prime Ministers
  • 7 Archbishops
  • 7 Popes

With a résumé like Her Majesty’s, the Queen does not look like she is getting ready to slow down anytime soon despite being the tender age of 89.

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Beatrice Quarshie

Photography by Katie Wilson


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