Lorraine Bowen
Lorraine Bowen

With Freshers starting in around three weeks time, no doubt many students- to- be are starting to fill with excitement. Loughborough Students’ Union is one of the best in the country, so a warm welcome to all fresh- faces about to embark upon their new journey near the end of September!

Welcome Nights

Freshers will officially begin on Tuesday 22nd September, seeing the first few halls move in and be witness to one of BGT’s biggest stars from this year. She is none other than David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer act, Lorraine Bowen- otherwise known as the “Crumble Woman”. No doubt this will be an absolute treat for students and Lorraine alike. With a game of Bingo available to play in the evening, you’re spoilt for choice on your first night in Loughborough with LSU doing a great job in catering for all. If you’re in David Collett, Elvyn, Royce, Towers or William Morris, this is the night for you!

Verne Troyer

Wednesday 23rd will see the arrival of more students to five halls including Harry French, Butler Court, Faraday, Cayley and Rigg Rut. You’ll be joining students who’ve already started to get to know their way around Loughborough following Tuesday’s acts and events, just in time for a performance from Old Men Grooving! If you’re a BGT fan, these first couple of days are perfect for you, seeing some of the greatest finalists from this years show. If you have no idea who they are, Old Men Grooving are a group of five “older” men dancing to songs for the “younger” generations. A barrel of laughs, these guys will have you dancing and singing your first (or indeed second) night in Loughborough away!

Thursday is the final arrival day, welcoming the students of Falk Egg, John Philips, Bakewell, Rutherford, Telford and The Holt. The union will host a welcome party with special guest, Verne Troyer. A returning visitor, Verne Troyer is popular with Austin Powers fans, having played the character “Mini- Me”. Don’t miss out on a meet and greet and of course a photo!

Friday onwards…
Scott Mills

With the first three nights done and everyone moved in, Friday sees the return of Scott Mills and Chris Stark. The popular Radio One DJs are always a big hit with Loughborough students, making for a great evening and party atmosphere! If nights out are getting a bit much for you, UVolleyball is a great option to meet some new people whilst playing sports at dusk, wearing UV paint! Saturday 26th September will host a great range of events for you to choose from, including the ‘Big Night In’ with a film, so cosy up with your PJs and some popcorn. There’s also the option to see a screening of the England Rugby World Cup game; or attend the unions’ fortnightly rock and punk night, Subversion.

Sunday 27th September is a very important date for your diary. You are yet to experience the uproar, fun, chaos, noise and the chants of an LSU Sing Off, and now is your chance. Sing and chant your heart out for your hall and battle with current Sing Off Champions, Telford, to claim the title for your hall!

A new week sees a whole new set of events. Monday begins the week with a Salsa taster session, Circus Skills and Darts followed by the wonderful Roller Disco, Mini Golf, Bingo and Inflatables! This is the night to relax, have fun and meet yet another different group of people. You might not have tried any of these things before, but who knows…you may find your niche! Tuesday hosts similar events as well as Loughborough’s Stupid Tuesday, known as “Stuesday” for short. Prepare for a night out with inflatables, in the union. Yes you’ll be dancing and singing in Fusion one minute and bouncing around the next! Who knew one night out could host so many different aspects?!

Wednesday will introduce you to a classic “Hey Ewe” night out teamed with a Pride Paint Party! Universal Thursday hosts a Flag Party, primarily aimed at Erasmus, International and Post Graduate students, but that doesn’t stop anyone else going! Friday night’s FND will see the return of comic guest, The Midnight Beast alongside DJ SKT.

Freshers Ball!
Trevor Nelson

With Freshers Ball hosting Sigma, Blonde, Melissa Steele, Trevor Nelson and Stevie Starr the Regurgitator, you’re in for a night to remember! A truly atmospheric, exciting night, Freshers ball is the perfect way to round off your Freshers experience. Sigma has worked alongside acts such as Labrinth and Paloma Faith, and you may well realise that everything really is changing by the end of the night. With hits such as ‘Nobody to Love’ from Sigma and Blonde having a hit with Melissa Steele, there is no doubt that the catchy “I Loved You” track will be performed live- and you absolutely will not be able to resist a dance in Room One!

This gives you just a taster of the couple of weeks LSU have in store for you. As well as all of this, there’ll be Coffee House Sessions, featuring up- and- coming artists; Zumba and fitness classes; walks; ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition and one of the biggest sports events of the year. On Wednesday 30th September, Loughborough Rugby will compete against Queensland University! The atmosphere is set to be absolutely electric and a great way to introduce Freshers to the world of Loughborough Sport right from the beginning! Don’t miss out on the Sports Bazaar, Saturday 3rd October and the Societies Bazaar and ultra- cool Vintage Fair on Sunday 4th October.

Good luck for your year ahead, and look out for Label throughout the year- and especially throughout Freshers! We look forward to seeing you at the Freshers’ Bazaars and can’t wait to get to know some of you very soon!

Head over to lsu.co.uk/platinum to purchase your Freshers Ball tickets and Platinum Wristbands very soon!

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Katie Wilson, Label Editor


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