Alice Priestley 

Moving away from home for the first time is not only exciting, but a bit daunting too (who knew you would need so much stuff?!). Aside from the main things you’ll need such as clothes and cutlery, there are many other vital items which will be essential when living away from home. Here’s several lists of what you’ll need when moving into Halls: 

Kitchen and Cooking –Saucepans 

Tea towels, tin foil, cling film, scrubber, washing-up liquid, large and small plates, bowls, Tupperware boxes, set of cutlery, mugs, glasses, wine and shot glasses (you never know), chopping board, pizza slicer, whisk, chopping knives, potato peeler, garlic crusher, baking tray(s), saucepan and lid, wok, corkscrew, bottle opener, tin opener, cheese grater, frying pan, colander, sieve, large serving spoon, jug, oven dish, oven gloves, Marigolds, drainer, pancake flipper, potato masher, straws, any spices and *deep breath* sandwich bags.

Washing and Cleaning –

Clothes horse, pegs, air freshener, sponges, disinfectant spray/wipes, surface cleaner, kitchen roll, stain remover, fabric softener and a large washing basket for when embarking on the trek to the washing rooms. Ironing boards and irons are usually provided for you.

Bathroom Essentials Flip Flops

Hair dryer, hair straightener, first aid kit, condoms, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, paracetamol, vitamins, air freshener, toothbrush and paste, lotion, razors, baby wipes, deodorant, perfume/aftershave, nail clippers, tweezers, mouthwash, nail file, hair brush, comb, face paint, washbag, face mask, brace/retainer, glasses and shower flip flops.

Workspace and Study Stuffs – 

Table light, mousepad, USB mouse, USB stick, laptop and charger (and the laptop’s warranty/spyware software CD), laptop case, laptop bag, pencil case, pens, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpener, scissors, rulers, highlighters, calculator, hole-punch, staples and stapler, pencil pot, headphones, notepads, calendar, organizer, any relevant course books, course guide, aux cable and speakers, printer and paper, envelopes, stamps, folders, plastic wallets and dividers.

Decorative Things

Small plants, picture frames, photos, posters, gifts, fairy lights, tapestries, dream-catchers, novelty items.

Other Useful EssentialsPlaying Cards

Important documents (confirmation letters, passport, IDs, National Insurance card etc.), first aid kit, pack of cards, towels, hand towels, small rug, bin, lightbulbs, batteries, bag for life, your own trolley/storage item, duvet and its cover, extra pillows, extra sheets, mattress protector, plug extension cable, door stop, bin bags, full-length mirror, coat hangers, boxes for under-bed storage, phone charger, dressing gown and slippers, sewing kit, keyrings, hats and scarves, gym wear, swimming gear, smart outfits, bike and its lock, TV boxsets, weekend bag, musical instrument, coats, clock/watch, a mini-safe, cook book and *another deep breath* jewellery.

The list does seem very exhaustive, but these little things will probably make your life a little bit easier. Your room will probably have various storage spaces, making all your stuff seem less cluttered. By using under the bed spaces, cupboards, space in and on top of the wardrobe and your own storage trolley, you will feel satisfied you’ve thought of (almost) everything. 

After all, everyone needs a garlic crusher in their life.

Fear not, the shops are close by if you’ve forgotten something!


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