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One of the most exciting things about starting uni is your accommodation and settling in. Though some people enjoy learning how to cook, this option simply isn’t as convenient and practical for everyone. Luckily, accommodation where food is prepared for you is widely available, so students are literally catered for! Not everyone is so keen on the idea of catered accommodation, so here are a few of the benefits:

More time for you

Having meals made for you means you have more time for yourself. Where cooking can take sometimes hours to prepare, to eat and clean up, in catered halls, all you have to do is attend the food hall and fill your boots! Job done.Hot_pizza

No extra costs

Though in most halls you’ll have to prepare your own food at weekends, this only really comes at a small cost. This means you don’t have to worry about forking out extra cash to fill the fridge every week, and you don’t have to worry about eating up all your food before it goes all green and furry!

You avoid the dreaded food shop

We’ve all seen the struggling students wading their way through campus, weighed down by the orange bags splitting at the seams, weeping as they remember they live on the top floor. But being catered, you may as well sit back and chuckle knowing that your food is already taken care of! It’s never fun to watch as that same struggling student wails in defeat after watching their ten apples, a dozen eggs and their pork pies roll down the hill into oblivion after all that effort.

Automatic routine

Having set meal times means that you are automatically put into a routine, which makes attending lectures, eating and the full-on pace of uni life in general much easier to grasp.

Sociable Atmosphere

In catered accommodation, everyone eats at the same time, meaning you are guaranteed to make some friends. Whether it’s the hangover breakfast or the dinner before your pre-drinks, you can all catch up with your mates at the same time while getting some good grub.

Best of all, if you’re anything like me and a horrible cook, you don’t have to survive off beans on toast and pot noodles for the rest of your uni life!

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Alice Priestley- Features Editor


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