Beatrice Quarshie

For many of us summer is fast approaching if it hasn’t already begun and that means many more days spent out and about at festivals, parks, foreign islands, and for some of you theme parks. As an avid thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie myself theme parks are my kind of fun, especially over summer. However in light of the recent events at Alton Towers I think we should all endeavour to be safe over the summer, regardless of what you may choose to do.

Freak Accident or Serious Concern?Oakwood_Theme_Park,

As someone who has ridden The Smiler at Alton Towers multiple times I was both shocked and shaken by the news that one of the passengers involved in the crash has had to have her leg amputated at the age of 17 due to the severity of the injury she sustained in the crash. Other injuries suffered by passengers of the ride include internal bleeding, fractured hands, a collapsed lung and broken knees. It is arguable that the severity of the injuries of those suffered on this ride were intensified due to them sitting on the front row of the ride where most theme park visitors believe they will have the best experience, with people queuing for hours just to sit in the front row of a carriage. The revelation that The Smiler had failed safety tests in the weeks prior to the crash is alarming, and begs the question, how safe are rollercoasters?

Alton Towers is not alone with the security and safety of their ride being called into question; Dragon’s Fury and Rattlesnake rides at Chessington World of Adventures and the Saw ride at Thorpe Park have also been shut for safety reasons. Which begs the question, are theme parks really a safe and fun way to spend your summer? Despite the life changing injuries suffered by passengers from last week’s crash at Alton Towers, the fact of the matter remains that accidents at theme parks are few and far between, particularly with the recency of events, there has never been a safer time to go to theme parks.

Nevertheless with anything you do, execute vigilance and you will be sure to have an enjoyable and hopefully injury free summer.


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