Beatrice Quarshie

In a word: RESIGNATIONEd Milliband- Labour Party Leader

With such a catastrophic loss in Scotland with the SNP holding 56 out of the 59 seats in Scotland while Labour holds 1 and the Conservatives holding the majority of England excluding London, it is not surprise that many of the major news outlets predicted Ed Miliband to resign over the course of today.

By his own admission Ed Miliband has stated on Twitter:

I am grateful to the people who worked on our campaign and for the campaign they ran. The responsibility for the result is mine alone.

As humbling as the statement is that Ed Miliband has released; after stating such a remark there is very little hope that Ed Miliband a) wants to continue leading the labour party after such a humiliating loss and b) would have the support to continue as leader, with the lack of faith displayed in the party through their sizeable loss of seats.

It seems the tone has shifted over the course of the last night, from the Labour Leader being on the verge of resigning to his resignation being imminent today.Labour-Party-Red-Rose-logo

As of 12:30pm today Ed Miliband has formally relinquished his powers as party leader. In a speech in London, Miliband admitted it was “time for someone else to take over the leadership” and that he was “truly sorry” for the failing of the party.

The only question that remains for the Labour party is who will be their new leader.  


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