Hi, my name is R.O.N which stands for ‘Re-Open nominations’. You may also know me as ‘No Voting’ or voting ‘No Candidate’.

I’m here to give you another choice when it comes to voting day, just in case you decide that none of the candidates are up to the job.  I’m particularly useful when it comes to uncontested positions as it means, like with a contested position, you still have a choice of voting for someone other than the candidate.RON

It is important that you make an informed vote when the polls open; don’t waste your one chance to choose your future Executive! Voting for me is not a personal dig at the other candidates, nor am I a joke vote, treat me as you would any other candidate.

If I were to win in the election for a particular position, this position would then be opened up again as a casual vacancy for anyone to run for (including me, again!).  Usually this casual vacancy would then be taken to a meeting of Union Council where Councillors would be able to ask new candidates questions and then vote to fill the position.

This is YOUR union and YOUR vote. Make sure you only vote for a candidate if you truly think they are the best person for the job, if not, vote for me!



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