Beatrice Quarshie gives her top 5 places to work on campus in the lead up to exam and coursework season. 

Pilkington Library 

This upside down pyramid is the hub of all knowledge on campus and will prove to be invaluable when it comes to revising. Whether you are revising in a group or individually, silently or socially, the library has the facilities to cater for whatever your needs may be. Spread over four floors you are bound to find somewhere that works for your revision needs. An added bonus is you are just seconds away from any books, journals or series you may need.  Trips to the café and vending machines also act as an adequate revision break and will break up the monotony of studying in a library. It is such a great place to revise that come exam season it will seem like The Hunger Games finding a table in this wonderful place. May the odds be ever in your favour?


Haslegrave offers a more relaxed feel than the library with six open access computers in the ground floor foyer. It is an ideal revision location for those who study a more computer-based course.

James France

Buildings such as James France and Edward Herbert offer a much more informal setting for revision to take place. Both accompanied by Fuel shops, you’ll be able to fuel both your mind and your stomach. With wireless-networked spaces all over these buildings, revision is made easy and relaxed. These dedicated sections of campus are ready for people to study.  You are sure to be able to find somewhere to revise to your heart’s content.

Your Department

Depending on what department you belong to will determine how useful studying in your own department actually is. For those degrees that require special software, your department offers instrumental equipment to aid your revision.

Your Bedroom 

Of course this room has been used for various activities such as sleeping, eating, pre drinking and some unmentionables- but low and behold your room can prove to be a great place to revise during exam season, especially when the library reaches full capacity and it becomes a chore to find a chair. Just put away all potential sources of distractions, flatmates included and you are all set to revise in the comfort of your own home.

Beatrice Quarshie


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