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In this opinionated piece, Beatrice Quarshie airs her views on the Loughborough Constituency. 

Beatrice Quarshie

Conservative Candidate- Nicky Morgan

The Loughborough constituency has been described as a battleground between the Conservatives and Labour. In actual fact it’s less of a battle and more a game of cat and mouse with Labour and the Conservatives both having the role of cat and mouse in alternate years. At present the game consists of Labour trying to play catch up but narrowly missing out to the Conservatives since 2005.

So the question remains: what could potentially happen post May 7th? If past results are anything to go by the 2015 election will probably not be as thrilling as first time voters may want it to be, but just because it’s not the most exciting general election doesn’t mean your vote doesn’t matter- particularly in the marginal constituency we reside in.

Labour Candidate- Matthew O’ Callaghan

Loughborough is considered to be a key marginal constituency; the party that have received the most seats at every general election since 1974 has won the Loughborough seat. The main action and contention for the Loughborough seat will most likely be found between the Conservatives and Labour. The situation as it stands is that the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan of the Conservative party, currently holds the seat with a 3.6% swing needed for Labour’s Mathew O’Callaghan to win the seat and the Lib Dems’ Steve Coltman requiring an 11.7% swing. Is it likely the Lib Dems will cause much, if any, commotion? Most likely not, especially as many students still have a fervent sense of distrust following the betrayal of Nick Clegg and the tuition fees post 2010’s general election.

Unfortunately for the Green and UKIP supporters among the Loughborough clan out there – I hate to sound brash or presumptuous – but it is highly unlikely that either parties will cause much of a stir. However, if you feel compelled to vote for either the Greens or UKIP, despite their lack of potential impact, you are well within your Human Rights to do so.

Think of May 7th as a pseudo Hunger Games. Instead of the violence and bloodshed, you have politicians making some rather genius but mostly outlandish statements. Your vote goes toward the party you want to represent you in Parliament so enjoy voting, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Photography by Dan Leedham

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