Beatrice Quarshie gives her take on what you should do before you leave Loughborough. 

When attending a university that has been voted as having the Best Student’s Union in the whole country and the Best Student Experience for six consecutive years as well as having had a song aired on BBC Radio 1, it can seem like there’s an endless amount of opportunities and possibilities of things to do, see and take part in at Loughborough.

Here’s a list of some of the must do things in Loughborough before graduating or kicking the proverbial bucket:


Get some Action (no not the kind that could possibly send you to the Medical Centre), volunteer with the Soup Kitchen. Go on a Rag Raid – you get to raise money for a good cause and explore a new city all in a day’s work.

Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill

Take a trip to the Charnwood Forest Alpacas – who doesn’t love Alpacas? Or even take a nice walk up Beacon Hill – we are in a shire, might as well take a much needed nature walk if the 90 minute lap around campus isn’t enough for you!


Get involved with My Lifestyle– when in Loughborough do as they do, and my oh my do they know how to do sport, and its free! Girls- go to a Nike Training Class and feel the burn. Go to a BUCS match and watch Loughborough annihilate anyone that crosses their path. Try out for AU!

Nights out

Do the Seven Day Wipe Out: Sunday: Firefly, Monday: Mansion, Tuesday: Stupid Tuesday, Wednesday: Hew Ewe, Thursday: Revs, Friday: FND, Saturday: Echoes …And if you live to tell the tale, do it all over again. Go to DBE– it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but should be attempted at least once. On the other end of the spectrum; try a Happy Monday, why not go to a Speech Bubble? When you’re out, be sure to Dance to Wonderwall in Fusion; Shuffle to Hodor in Room 1; Twerk to Vybz Kartel in Cogs; Rock out at Subversion! And you could always sing to your heart’s content at a JC’s Karaoke night! Do Mayhem! Go to a Foam Party or a UV Paint Party. But most of all- start a conversation with a random stranger in the queue for the Union.


Eat at Fernando’s, it’s the closest you’ll get to Nandos in Loughborough. Go to JC’s for breakfast. Live off Papa Si’s for a week. Go to Toby Carvery for an all-you-can-eat-breakfast. Combine food with CU and Text a Toastie.


Visit every hall on campus. Learn your Hall Chants like your life depends on it and run for Hall Committee. Volunteer as a Fresher Helper and do Freshers all over again!


Sit in on a random lecture for a degree you don’t study. Pull an all-nighter in Pilkington. Become a Programme Rep.  Volunteer in a research project and help out others!


Take a selfie on one of the Loughborough University signs. Be a Campus Tour Guide and impart words of wisdom on young and impressionable prospective students. Venture to Flix Cinema. Take a lovely midnight stroll across campus.

All things LSU

Make the most of Freshers! Vote in Exec Elections. Do the Colour Dash. Compete in the SING OFF!!! Star in the LSU Exec Song. Help break a Guinness World Record. Join the Student Forum and have your say! Go to the Union & Sport’s Bazaars. Go on a LSU Day trip. Be sure to join a society!

Most of all, be sure to get involved, stand out and make the most of your time at Loughborough!

Beatrice Quarshie


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