LSU_8989Many of you may have seen a rather interesting post made on Sunday evening on the official Loughborough Fresher’s page. I am of course referring to the statement by Mark Osmond that Bryn Wilkes should not be allowed to re-run for the position of VP Media. This of course caused a lot of uproar, especially from Axelle Savary who made a very good point regarding Isobel Ford, who is currently on for her second term. Axelle said: “because of this (she) has been able to push things further such as better decision and don’t cross the line, as well as newer campaigns such as Play With Pride which has been a massive success this year, and do a bloody good job.”

So while re-running could really benefit the sectors of LSU, Mark made an interesting comment that it may put others off from running for the position. These people could have unique and interesting ideas that may never be brought to the section, as they may believe they would not be better than the previous/current VP. Fergus Snell appears to have agreed with Mark by commenting a meme that says “enough is enough”, although this may have been done purely for humour. But what do you think Loughborough? Although you may have a pretty good idea before the reveal as to who may be running for certain positions, however it is not official until the candidates walk down the stairs in piazza.

Of course the campaign has become an official affair now, with Mark using the Epinal/Tab to spearhead his affair but will it be to any avail?

Well if it is successful, nominations will re open but the audience will be unable to vote, leaving it to a panel where any candidates will be interviewed.

Do you believe that a second year of exec may create an “air of seniority”? Or do you think that Bryn will be able to “push things further” for Media? Let us know!


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