Serena Gainda tells us how to get into the Christmas mood!

Drowning in a sea of assignments, it can be hard for some students to possess the Christmas spirit that took us so easily as children. If you’re having trouble remembering Santa Claus is coming to town, or are crying bah humbug every time someone so much as mentions Christmas, you may need a little help getting into the spirit. Don’t worry, even Scrooge got there in the end. Here are five ways to get yourself psyched for the Christmas holidays:

1- Hit up a Christmas market:

Birmingham, not too far from Loughborough, has been listed as the seventh best Christmas market in Europe! This German Christmas market draws in thousands of people each year and will leave you buzzing with Christmas spirit. If you’re looking for somewhere closer and cheaper to travel to, Nottingham has a fabulous Christmas market. Although Nottingham’s market isn’t as spectacular as Birmingham’s, they compensate with an outdoor ice rink!

2- ‘Christmas’ Dinner on a Student Budget:

Organise a Christmas dinner with your flatmates. You probably aren’t going to have the patience or the money to cook up a full-blown Christmas meal, so why not consider turkey sandwiches with Christmas crackers, mulled wine and a helping of Sainsbury’s branded mince pies. Dress up the table with a bit of tinsel and voila! A student-friendly Christmas dinner to get you in the mood.

3- Binge-watch Christmas films:

Elf, Arthur Christmas, Santa Claus Movie, A Christmas Carol, Polar Express…there are countless movies out there with the sole purpose of steeping you in Christmas merriment. Arrange a film night with your flatmates, grab some mince pies, hot chocolate and warm blankets and get through these Christmas favourites and you’ll soon be counting down the days!

4- New Christmas Music:

It’d be too easy to suggest listening to the Christmas classics. In fact, I’m not a hundred percent sure they’ll get you in the mood. Unfortunately, we have a habit of adhering to the same Christmas songs every year. Listening to new arrangements or covers of well-known Christmas songs can elicit a feeling of nostalgia without the mind-hammering repetition and the same-old.

5- Secret Santa:

If your flatmates are willing, try to organise a Secret Santa. Agree to spend around £5. Gift-opening is bound to get you in the right spirits. This method works wonders as it’ll get you into town which is sure to be filled with Christmas lights, songs, decorations, ornaments and many more Christmas delights. It’s impossible to leave this environment without taking some of the jollity home with you, all wrapped with a bow and a tonne of excitement! Get ready to have a very merry Christmas.

Serena Gainda


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