How can the Students’ Union control the sheer amount of people coming through the doors- particularly on key nights out?

Many of you will have experienced the chaos that was Returner’s FND. I’m sure you will agree that it was complete and utter madness. To be fair to the bouncers and the till staff, the queue to get in moved fast and was not rowdy at all. Perhaps this is the effect that the lessening of drinking before going out is having, with this new threat of being breathalysed looming over us. A standard Hey Ewe or FND is always really busy, sometimes you feel as though you can barely move which is a large concern in terms of the safety of everyone – the question is; what would happen if there was a fire drill? Well, not all doors are open on a night out, but certainly could be used as escape routes if need be, as they are fire exits. This is reassuring, right? Combine the normal reaction to a fire drill with alcohol and who knows what could happen. In all fairness to the running of the Union, there are always plenty of bouncers around in every room, as well as all the bar staff who would most likely help in the movement of slightly intoxicated students. With careful training and knowledge on all of their parts, I’m sure we would all be just fine. They manage any conflict that occurs quickly and efficiently when required, hence keeping those trouble makers out of the way! However, to be fair to the students of Loughborough, when on a night out, I personally have never been a witness to much trouble, so keep it up guys!

Loughborough has one of the largest capacities in the country at 4000, with the biggest space being Room One. Should the capacity of the Union be reassessed? Last year, Loughborough won an award for having the best student union over 1000 capacity, venue in the country – Something for us to boast about there! Perhaps then, stricter rules being applied through things such as the breathalyser trials could help to reduce the amount of people in the Union as well as their levels of drunkenness. The less overly drunk people the better, as it would result in a safer environment for us all as well as an easier job for the bouncers!

A solution to big nights- tickets are already sold in advance for things such as Freshers’ Ball, DBE and Summer Ball, so why not events such as Returners’ FND? Returners could be given first refusal on tickets…or as it is ‘Returners’ FND’ perhaps Freshers’ could take a tactical night off in future years?



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