sexualisation in pop culture (commons.wikimedia)The last few weeks have seen some sights! We’ve had leaked images of celebrities, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video and Kim Kardashian shiny and naked on a magazine cover. The internet is a portal open to all, and when these kinds of things appear on your Facebook newsfeed for all to see, it’s very difficult to avoid these images, even if you have no intention of searching for them!

There have been talks recently to put age ratings on music videos, but surely they should just be universally appropriate in the first place..? Using sex to sell music is becoming an increasingly bigger part of the music industry. With stars like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and even Jason Derulo ridiculously gyrating to their tunes in their music videos whilst wearing very minimal amounts of clothes, it is no wonder that kids are growing up far too soon. These kinds of things can make many people uncomfortable or alternatively feel like they have to conform and quite literally ‘shake it off’. Those in the spotlight are our role models from a young age, potentially encouraging youngsters to wear similar outfits whilst listening to the promiscuous lyrics of the popular tunes.

Men and Women in the media are presented unrealistically, can we ever really get the London look? Apparently so… Trends cause us a huge amount of aggro, especially if you’re the kind of person who is really into fashion; not always easy to keep up with on a student budget, but eh, we do our best. Photographs of clothed people are the kinds of things we expect to find on a magazine cover. We want to feel inspired by them and do our best to copy their look.

When the magazine cover of Kim Kardashian’s naked bum appears on the internet (or in shops in the USA), do you feel the need to copy her? Being realistic, her body shape is impossible to achieve. Many websites have, however, been filled with photos of people trying to balance a champagne glass; so it has been turned into a joke! But, did she really “break the internet”. Part of me wants to say yes, unfortunately. The photos appeared on the same day as the comet landing, which became completely overshadowed by naked photos. This really does show how obsessed we are with “celebrities” as opposed to taking an interest in big scientific experiments. Perhaps if she had been fully clothed and not sexualising her image for the press, the comet landing would have been a bigger story on our newsfeeds…


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