Rachael Milsom

With Halloween creeping upon us, many of you may be wondering how Loughborough students mark the occasion. It’s no longer (and hasn’t been for quite some time) acceptable to throw on a costume, grab your plastic pumpkin bucket and knock on doors screaming ‘trick or treat!’ in your best scary voice.

Instead we embrace the 31st October by decorating our flat to reflect the spooky mood, wearing the scariest (or the funniest) costumes we can think of and, obviously, partying. But, let’s face it, most students don’t have an endless money supply. How many of us have already dwindled our student finance away on expensive clothes or the latest gadget in a moment of excitement? Halloween needs to be done in style BUT on a budget.

Don’t worry – celebrating Halloween while keeping a check on your bank balance is simple. Have some fun and decorate your flat. Buy a pumpkin for your flat and carve it together for an easy, cheap way to have a laugh and get in the spirit of things. But don’t run to the check-out with the first one you pick up in Sainsbury’s. Have a look around other shops (or the market!) for a bargain. If you want your flat to look a bit more extreme visit the pound shops for cheap decorations like fake webbing, white sheets and fake blood.

Maybe you’re planning on throwing Halloween pre-drinks/ a party. Get your themed cups, straws, tablecloths etc. from the pound shops too. Make a Halloween themed music playlist on your laptop to play on the night. Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for some fantastic spooky punch ideas. You could even make ice cubes filled with gummy sweets such as worms or frogs. Split the cost of the punch between a group to make pre-drinks cheap but delicious!

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to get the fancy dress out. It’s all in the name of fun. But don’t necessarily buy that £40 vampire outfit you spotted online. Get creative and invent your own costume from scratch or plan a theme with your friends. If elaborate really isn’t your thing then keep it simple. Go with the classic ghost in a white bed sheet or turn anything into a zombie. You could be a zombie schoolgirl, surgeon, or even Miley Cyrus. Just rip some clothing, splash on generous amounts of fake blood, apply lots of white face make-up and you’re outfit is complete.

Whatever you plan, Halloween FND at Loughborough is not a night to be missed. See you there!


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