By Amelia Sansome

The feeling of being a fresher is one like no other, yet the experience is nothing anyone can prepare you for. For some, Fresher’s fortnight is a haze of new faces, exciting activities and the musky smell of cheap booze to assist your roll into bed (or on the floor) at 4am. For many, starting university can be daunting. Fighting your way through a maze of halls, sports courts and stumbling in and out of various confused conversations before strolling into your introductory lecture; trying to keep your cool without unattractively gasping for air as if your heart hasn’t really been beating millions of times a minute at the multiple mini panics you’ve endured since breakfast.

The exciting, terrifying, non-committal rollercoaster ride through education as we know it and our battle towards freedom has in many ways, reached its destination. What a lot of people forget that is beyond the transition to higher education itself; there is another world of incredible and often unthinkable opportunities. A fresher myself, I too have merely dipped my toe in what’s on offer. It can be overwhelming receiving post after post hurling you information about societies, sports clubs and other extra curricular activities to sign up to, but participating in such things is an amazing way to enhance your university life and ultimately a way to continue your Fresher’s experience all year long.

So look up.  Switch off social media, interact with others in our real world, our amazing world; and embrace what’s staring you in the face. Look up and around you on your journey to and from lectures, actively search for opportunities and make every day count. No, really. Make a ‘to do’ list, heck, make a ‘will do’ list. Be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone. Try something completely new and give every day the chance to become the most life altering you’ve lived. Be inspired and be an inspiration to those around you. Don’t be known for the one who can’t handle their drink, be known for making history. Take it slowly, laugh at your mistakes and enjoy the ride.  This is your journey. Make sure you’re awake for it. Be who you want to be and make a difference in and outside the incredible bubble of university life.


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