With the slogan “loads of you, one of me, it’s Timms o’clock!”, Lewis “Pimms” Timms began his dash around campus as he told Label what he plans to do if elected AU President, starting from the ground up.

“Target all halls, all clubs, I want to make sure that from all athletes up through IMS all the way to the elite athletes get a fair say.”

In light of the upcoming Olympics he plans to help improve Loughborough sport by showcasing “our talent via more promotion, publicity, whether it be videos, WOW magazine or Label.” Timms emphasizes the role of the media in his aims to bring continued success to Loughborough sport.

He’s expressed his anticipation towards the Olympics and what he will bring to Loughborough sport. He wants to “improve chances and facilities, available to all athletes and finally to maintain and improve and extend our fantastic Loughborough Olympic Legacy.”

He promises sweets and success in his campaign against his opposition Nicola “Baywatch” Keenan.


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