Celebrities are developing a reputation for blighting the lives of their off-spring with unusual, sometimes plain awful, names. Sadly, Beyonce and Jay Z are no exception, having named their new born daughter Blue Ivy this week. You might think that’s not too bad, and let’s be honest, when you consider the completion, you might be right!

To acknowledge Blue Ivy’s entry into the not-so-exclusive group of bizarrely named celebrity children, Label brings you the highlights: the good, the bad and the downright dreadful, in the world of celebrity babies.  

Among the earliest competitors kicking of the craze was Bob Geldoff and Paula Yates, with Fifi Trixibelle and later Peaches (Honeyblossom) and (Little) Pixie, names that proved as controversial when they were gifted, as the girls they named would later become.  Unfortunately, flowers and fruit soon became popular features of the celebrity baby names.

When Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s Chris Martin named their daughter Apple in 2004, you might have been forgiven for thinking you had misheard, but they weren’t the only ones following suit (although they did tone it down a little with their son Moses, in 2006). Geri Halliwell next named her daughter Bluebell Madonna in 2006. (Anyone seeking further confirmation of the popularity of flower themed names ought to have a chat with Jamie Oliver).

While girls seem more likely to fall prey to their parent’s creativity, boys do not escape scot-free! Nicole Richie’s son’s name, Sparrow James Midnight, is amid the most inventive creations. But that’s not to say celebs need to get lost in the ridiculous to give their offspring ‘statement’ names; just take a look at the Beckhams. Okay, the names might be getting more ‘out there’ with each addition but Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven are among the least unusual in a rather original selection. Not a fruit in sight!

One might question whether celebrities appreciate what their name choices might subject their offspring to in the future- because let’s be honest, it’s natural to question, perhaps even suppress a snigger, when an individual introduces themselves as Apple… But love them or hate them, laugh or cry, celebrity baby names definitely make a statement and they seem to be here to stay!


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