“YEAH Yee-ahhh yay yay yay!”
It’s Friday and we all know what that means. National Rebecca Black Day?!
Don’t worry I’m kidding, but if you haven’t encountered this ‘rising star’ in the past few days, then boy are you missing a treat.
Check out her official mind-blowing video here. I think I’ve now seen it five times – MY EARS ARE BLEEDING, but I just can’t stop!

She has been trending on Twitter for just over a week now. The viral promotion video went from a few thousand in the first day, to six million on the fourth, and to an enormously and unbelievable 16 million views last Friday, and currently it is around 40 million views. Unfortunately it is not for her ‘spectacular’ voice, but rather for the atrocious yet annoyingly catchy lyrics.

So who is this Rebecca Black? We all know she likes to eat her cereal before getting in her friend’s back seat to go to school, but does she eat lunch and dinner too?!

The official website gives us all the information we need: http://arkmusicfactory.com/profile/rebeccablack

The question is how can a 13-year-old:
a) Afford a car.
b) Drive the car.
c) Or get her friend to drive the car.

Apparently in America 13-year-olds can drive a car, and they are always skipping school to go to some party, which is, of course, are fun fun fun! But music videos do not have to make sense any longer.

Personally, I’d like to see Rebecca Black actually sing, rather than become an auto-tuned robot. However, if the song wasn’t auto-tuned, would it get mass views on youtube?

I’d like to ask Miss Rebecca Black a few questions:
Does she have cereal every morning? What happens if she has toast, or god forbid an English Fry-Up! My apologies, I meant Fry-Day…
Is she a ‘belieber’?
Does she want to become the female version of Bieber?
Can we call her Rebecca ‘Black Friday’ – or is that taking it a step too far?

One thing is for sure, she can’t keep going to parties all day and drinking her body weight in non-alcoholic punch; the girls’ school toilets wouldn’t be a pretty sight.


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